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We opened ‘EnSpiral’, a new place where the color, the fragrance of fresh flowers and the craftsmanship of each bouquet come together so that your house, your event, your wedding and your day to day are filled with the Mediterranean, see your spaces as the island does it with its light. For this creator and florist that you will meet here, your order is the most important, work in detail and for detail.

You can try ordering your weekly or monthly bouquets today and see how your space looks and feels different always, always alive, always fresh! Enjoy the seasonal flowers in each season, enjoy each new fragrance and colors all year round.



Floral art is my passion and my trade. Working with flowers is in equal parts creation, dedication and discovery.
Create with flowers and dedicate each composition to a person, a space, an event, a gift, add to this profession
a daily challenge where the beauty of the result is seen immediately when I deliver a commission.

Work among flowers and bring their charms and benefits to the people who fill their homes with them, celebrate
Your most special days or simply give them away on impulse is simply wonderful and stimulating.

Welcome to this new floral space, I hope to inspire you. See you in the new store-workshop EnSpiral, in Portals Nous, Calvià.

DISCOVER A NEW PLACE … between flowers



Crta. Andratx 31 Local 4 – 07181 – Portals Nous Calvià  Mallorca – Balearic Islands
Phone: +34 971 200 491 / Mobile: +34 689 348 735


“Flowers will be our kisses and hugs”

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